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My Story

Rev. Miriam D. Bush, MDiv

My Philosophy

My spiritual roots are embedded in the Christian tradition and its wisdom. While I am unapologetically Christian, I am nonetheless unabashedly universal in values and practices. Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB, teaches that all wisdom comes from One Holy Source, God.  So from wherever wisdom teachings may come, receive them. I am open to and inclusive of the wisdom and practices of other traditions as well as my own as they enrich and inform my own spiritual journey.

My vocation as a Spiritual Director, facilitator, preacher and teacher is to invite attentiveness to and nurture the inward spiritual journey, enabling you to live into the wisdom and practices of your own tradition

“I have known Miriam for several years…as my pastor, spiritual adviser and friend. Miriam embraces love and grace, seeking to serve others in a humble, holistic way.”  

James Cherney - Muskegon, MI
"In her capacity as guest speaker at Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Mimi is an engaging, thought-provoking speaker. Her finely crafted messages are spiritually grounded, spoken from the head but softened by the heart."    


Sue and Dave McIntire  - Muskegon, MI
“ Miriam Bush makes beautiful spiritual resources available to do our inner work – from walking the Labyrinth, learning about the Enneagram and how it applies to spiritual life, to the teachings the Rule of Saint Benedict, to Celtic spirituality, weekend retreats, and the monastic life – and so much more!”


Linda Juarez – Muskegon, MI

In June of 2007, the earth shifted. It was not an earthquake measured by seismologists, but an inner disruption that changed everything. I was 52 years old and co-pastor with my husband, Mark, having served our ministry years together at the same small urban congregation. We had raised 3 children and together had grown up as our congregation taught us how to pastor and to preach. But something shifted in me. It was like a bell ringing, saying, “Wake up”. I loved pastoring, preaching, teaching and experiencing generational transitions with a faith community. There was nothing “wrong” or “bad” happening, but it was clear to me, something was moving me in a new way.  2008 would be a year of discernment and letting go of a shared ministry and clarity of vocation.

January of 2009 began as a year of listening for and to inner yearnings and the unfolding of vocation in new directions; inviting personal transformation. With the help and support of many other travelers, the Spirit invited the birth of The Center for Spirituality, Action, and Transformation, creating opportunities to change the world from the inside out, beginning with myself and inviting others along on the journey. It  has become a journey to see the Divine in everyone and everything everyday. 

Education & Experience

1977 - Bachelor of Arts (Religion/Psychology) 

Hope College, Holland, Michigan

1977 to 1978 - Mission Intern/English Teacher

Tainan, Taiwan

1978 to 1980 - Youth Minister

South Holland, IL

1984 - Master of Divinity

Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan

1984 to 2008 - Co-Pastor Covenant Community Church (RCA)

Muskegon Heights, Michigan

2009 to Present - Founder and Director

Center for Spirituality, Action & Transformation

2013 to Present - Spiritual Care, LifeCircles-PACE

Muskegon, Michigan

2013 to Present - Oblate in association with

 Our Lady of Grace Benedictine Monastery, Beech Grove, IN

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